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Is A Cheap Hair Transplant Really The Way To Go?

Hair Regeneration Treatments - Prevent, Treat & Stop Hair LossIf your hair loss seems to have no end in sight, it might be time to seriously consider a hair transplant. Hair clinics around the world stand by the effectiveness of a transplant, and with the correct procedure for both your skin and scalp, a hair transplant could provide you with a near-guaranteed successful treatment to stop hair loss woes.

Modern hair transplant techniques and technology are recognised by hair loss professionals as a safe, proven option for even advanced cases of balding and thinning.

So, what exactly are the cost factors of a hair transplant, and how can it be made cheaper?

Hair Transplant Cost Factors

Treating hair loss is a complex procedure, requiring expert care from the beginning of treatment right through to the end. The cost of a hair transplant is likely to depend on several factors, from the genetic profile of your hair and severity of hair loss through to medical conditions.

When diagnosing hair loss, trichologists need to take into account:

  • Medical conditions affecting your hair
  • Severity of hair loss
  • Recency of onset
  • Cost of labour for surgeons and other professional services
  • Type of procedure (FUT or FUE)
  • Cost per follicular unit

To obtain a reliable quote for a hair transplant, it is necessary to be seen by an experienced hair professional. Only by undertaking a detailed consultation will you receive an accurate and fair assessment of the state of your hair, along with a recommendation on the required grafting.

Advanced Hair Studio offers a hair check to determine, exactly, the factors causing hair loss and to then make a recommendation on the appropriate treatment.

For example, many services advertise costs on a per follicular unit basis – this is simply a group of several individual hair follicles that are harvested and implanted. This does not tell you how many units are required, the quality of attending surgeons, or how well the end result will match your expectations.

While it can be tempting to seek services that advertise incredibly cheap prices per surgical procedure, this in no way guarantees quality or accuracy in a transplant.

Are Cheap Transplants Worth It?

A cheap hair transplant might initially be softer on the hip pocket, but may also offer little security on how your hair will look or be treated in the future. Additionally, cheaper services offered abroad are unlikely to be covered by insurance companies, and there is little recourse when you return home. When investing in a hair transplant, you need to be happy with the results.

Advanced Hair Studio consults with some of the industry’s leading, most experienced hair loss clinicians, which is accurately and fairly factored into the cost of our procedures.

Why Should I Opt For A Hair Transplant?

Hair loss has significant consequences on an individual’s confidence and self-esteem. The simple fact is that your appearance is important (especially to yourself), and if something as simple as a hair transplant could change your sense of self, for the better, it is worth serious consideration.

Hair transplants have one clear advantage over other procedures; they are permanent. Your original hair restored for the next several decades is worth every penny.

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