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Advanced Hair Clinic’s Unique Hairfusion Hair Restoration Treatment Delivers Unrivalled Results and a Natural Look. Global Leader in Cutting-Edge Hair Replacement Extends Availability of Extraordinary Hairfusion Restoration Treatment

Melbourne: September

The world’s number-one authority in professional hair restoration is now offering its most exceptionally effective solution to hair loss and baldness to date. Known as Hairfusion restoration treatment, Advanced Hair Studio is uniquely able to deliver a quite unparalleled final result that looks every bit as full, youthful and natural.

Exclusive to Advanced Hair Studio and featuring cutting-edge technology, the treatment has already helped tens of thousands worldwide restore the confidence they feared had left them for good. Advanced Hair believes that a person’s self-confidence and pride relies on their appearance – precisely why the brand’s unique Hairfusion hair replacement can be genuinely life-changing.

Natural from Every Angle

“Advanced Hair Studio’s Hairfusion hair restoration and replacement procedure, originally invented and patented by AHS, looks totally natural from any angle and in any style. You can even enjoy a variety of hairstyles whilst maintaining an undetectable hairline. Help for thinning hair in women don’t come any better than the AHS Hairfusion procedure. If you are looking for help with thinning hair without surgery, look no further than the Hairfusion procedure.” – Advanced Hair Studio

Hair restoration treatments are widely available these days, but not are quite like the Hairfusion approach of Advanced Hair. Not only is the final result quite exceptionally superior in its effect, but also leaves behind no scarring and is guaranteed not to harm the scalp or any natural hair present. What’s more, it’s also a wholly painless process that’s guaranteed safe.

70+ Advanced Hair Studio locations across the world are now offering a variety of new-generation treatments and restoration programs for both men and women experiencing hair loss or baldness – there’s really no such thing as a case that’s beyond the team’s expertise.

Unbeatable Results, Restored Confidence

“Advance Hair Studio advised me about the best way to restore my hair and I must admit I was skeptical at first and I’m careful with my money. But I just wanted my hair back to normal, so I took the plunge and before long my hair was back – couldn’t believe the results when looking at both the photo before and near the end of the treatment. The end result means I look a lot younger than I did before; with new opportunities; and a better ego; and the social life just gets better.” – Andrew, Leeds

Advanced Hair Clinic understands the skepticism new clients will experience prior to going ahead with the treatment – it’s not as if solutions like this come along every day. However, consistently exceptional feedback from past and present clients verifies the ambitious claims and promises of Advanced Hair – promises that include unbeatable results, a new sense of confidence and a new take on life like never before.

About Advanced Hair Studio

Advanced Hair Studio is the world’s premier authority on the treatment and prevention of hair loss and baldness. Founded back in 1973 and now spanning the entire world, Advanced Hair calls upon unique and revolutionary techniques and treatments to deliver results quickly, safely and affordably. For more information, get in touch with the team today.

Advanced Hair Studio’s Newest Ambassador: South African Cricketer, Jacques Kallis

Jacques Kallis is Advanced Hair Studio’s newest brand ambassador. Best known for his cricketing exploits on the South African team and one of the greatest all-rounders cricket has ever seen, Jacques underwent the Hairfusion hair loss treatment solution with Advanced Hair Studio. And, the hair loss treatment results of this innovative hair loss restoration were so remarkable Jacques hasn’t looked back.

According to Kallis, ”It wasn’t just the look, hair loss affected how I felt and affected my confidence.” The hair loss treatment solution was Advanced Hair Studio’s Hairfusion hair loss procedure. The results were so amazing that Kallis signed up to promote the effectiveness of this hair loss treatment and let others know that there is a solution out there.

Apart from Kallis’ ambassadorship, Advanced Hair Studio leading hair loss experts, Shane Warne and Leon Schuster, both of which have also been recipients of successful hair loss regrowth treatments by AHS, were part of a successful hair loss treatment solutions South African roadshow in March of 2013. This road show informed South Africans of the enormous benefits that AHS’s innovative and proven hair loss restoration and hair loss repair treatments can provide.

Starting at Advanced Hair Studio’s Randburg studio, this travelcade incorporated Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. Founder and Chairman of Advanced Hair Studio, Carl A. Howell, is particularly excited about the company’s South African presence and their ability to help clients across this country with advanced hair loss treatment solutions.

Hair loss, thinning or balding is not a condition that has to be lived with. At Advanced Hair Studio, we have successfully consulted over 1 million men and women with hair loss since our inception. What’s even better is that with our presence in South Africa, the men and women of this country don’t have to put up with hair loss anymore.

For more information about our range of hair loss treatments at Advanced Hair Studio or to speak with a professional about a particular hair loss treatment, contact us today.

Advanced Hair Studio is Now Social

To match its use of state-of-the-art hair loss treatment restoration technologies, Advanced Hair Studio has also entered the social media platforms. Launching its Facebook and Twitter pages in early 2013, Advanced Hair Studio is out to spread the indisputable word of real, achievable hair loss restoration results and the message that men, women, the young and old, right around the world no longer have to live with hair loss, thinning or balding. In most cases, there is a hair loss treatment solution that’s right for them.

Although a serious condition for those suffering from hair loss, thinning or balding, it helps to know that others are experiencing the same hair loss condition, have been successfully treated for hair loss by AHS and that there is light at the end of the tunnel with hair loss treatment. And, if your one of the many that has been the recipient of an AHS hair loss treatment solution, why not share your hair loss experiences and help others benefit from your wisdom.

Perhaps you have a question about our hair loss restoration and hair loss treatment or therapies, want to speak with a hair loss expert, or just want to touch base with one of the myriad of hair loss celebrities who have experienced firsthand the results of an Advanced Hair Studio treatment. Our hair loss treatment platforms also provide snippets of hair loss treatment information and separate fact from fiction in terms of hair loss treatment and regrowth information.

Why not stop by, Like Us, Comment, Share, Reply, Retweet or put us in your favourites. Become a part of the Advanced Hair Studio Community and hear about how we have helped hundreds of thousands of clients like you who have gone through our hair loss treatment solutions.

Hair Loss in Men: Advanced Hair Studio’s Clinical Approach

A clinical and systematic approach to hair loss treatment and hair loss therapies is something we stand by at Advanced Hair Studio. Hair loss conditions, hair loss treatment restoration and hair loss repair procedures are not a one size fit all approach.

Men experience hair loss, balding or thinning for so many reasons. To ensure we provide the most effective hair loss treatment possible, we tailor our hair loss therapy directly to your hair loss condition and its causes.

In doing this, we adhere to a set of hair loss treatment steps, including:

History. AHS starts your treatment by looking at what the actual hair loss problem / issue is, including the likes of: prior medical history; previous family history of the hair loss condition; diet; medications; and, allergies. Hair care routine; duration of hair loss; distribution of hair loss; and, patterns of fallout or breakage are also explored.

Clinical Hair Loss Examination. We also analyse hair and scalp general health and such factors as the distribution of hair loss; scarring; hair shaft evaluation, etc.

Findings & Diagnosis. Once our hair loss examination is complete and we identify the cause, we can begin hair loss treatment. For example, treatment will depend upon the condition, such as: Androgenetic Alopecia (male pattern hair loss); Telogen Effluvium (shedding due to stress); Alopecia areata (patchy hair loss); noncicatricial alopecia; or, cicatricial alopecia.

Treatment. After our trained hair loss treatment trichologist identifies your hair loss condition and its root cause, we set about determining a plan for hair loss treatment. This will ensure that we achieve maximum results throughout the hair loss treatment process.

Contact us today to find out how we can get you started towards a hair loss treatment restoration solution that’s right for you.

Female Hair Loss: Our Clinical Approach, Diagnosis & Treatment

At Advanced Hair Studio, we undertake a clinical approach to your hair loss treatment solution. Our trained professionals start by delving into your history and then conducting a thorough examination, diagnosis and treatment of hair loss in our female clients.

Female hair loss can be due to a wide range of hair loss causes and conditions. From Androgenetic Alopecia (female pattern hair loss) to Telogen Effluvium (shedding) to Alopecia Areata (patchy hair loss), it is important that a systematic examination and extensive client history is undertaken before any hair loss treatment can occur. Effective hair loss treatment in one person can be vastly different in another.

Only when a case history and thorough analysis is conducted can our qualified trichologist find out the exact cause and the correct hair loss treatment.

From decades of successfully treating female clients for a range of hair loss conditions, we know that no two clients are alike. An effective hair loss treatment can only be made when a right hair loss diagnosis is made.

Our fully trained hair loss experts start by gathering a client’s history. We obtain your medical background and look for possible reasons for your hair loss. We then conduct a hair and scalp evaluation to find evidence of the hair loss condition.

During this analysis, our specialists examine such factors as how long the hair loss has been occurring, the distribution of the hair and any other notable signs. Only once we gather this necessary information can we identify the actual hair loss condition you are experiencing. And, once we pinpoint the condition, we can then find the right path to proceed along for your hair loss treatment solution.

To find out more about Advanced Hair Studio ‘ clinical approach to hair diagnosis and hair loss treatment, or to enquire about one of our many different hair loss treatments, contact us today.

Commendation in the 2008 Governor of Victoria Export Awards – Australia

In a wrap up to yet another successful year for Advanced Hair Studio, on the 13th October 2008, our company was awarded a Commendation in the 2008 Governor of Victoria Export Awards – Large Services. The quality of entrants was very high, competition fierce and the award justifies the high standards of customer service and product quality that we, at Advanced Hair Studio, strive for.

Advanced Hair Studio is proud to be officially recognised by the Governor of Victoria, who is her majesty’s, Queen Elizabeth, representative of the Victorian state government in Australia.

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