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Hair Loss Drugs: Do They Really Work?

What Kinds Of Drugs Are Out There For Hair Loss?

Hair loss drugs – especially those seen sprawled across internet advertising – are quite often a ‘square peg in a round hole’ solution. Hair loss can result from several individual factors such as age, hormones and genetics, all interacting simultaneously.

While sometimes there are things that can be done, often the onset of hair loss can be random, and cruelly unaffected by the use of traditional treatment methods. Hair loss is always an individual problem requiring individual solutions, so it is hard to know for sure whether a generic hair loss drug will help.

That said, Advanced Hair Studio’s patented hair regrowth medication for hair loss is clinically safe, has moderate side effects, and is proven effective in certain situations. Before beginning a new hair loss medication regime, we recommend contacting Advanced Hair Studio to get professional advice from leading experts in the field, about our bespoke hair treatment program.

How Hair Loss Drugs Work

Advanced Hair Studio’s patented Minoxidil tablet program works by improving blood flow around the scalp which assists in bringing revitalising nutrients and oxygen to damaged hair follicles.

The science is still unclear as to what exactly makes Minoxidil work so effectively, but in controlled amounts, it is encouragingly effective in dealing with hair loss and thinning. It is prescribed as an oral tablet or more commonly as a topical cream to be administered to the scalp. Minoxidil can even be used in conjunction with other treatments such as stem cell hair technology factors, Hairfusion, or Laser Hair Growth Treatment.

An androgenic hormone (those hormones involved in developing male sexual characteristics) named dihydrotestosterone is one of the key culprits in genetic hair loss. DHT is an important hormone for a number of growth processes, but unhelpfully it seems to bind to hair follicles, occluding hair shafts and making healthy hair growth impossible.

Our Serenoa 320 capsules and Advanced Hair and Scalp Antioxidant make use of natural extracts, as well as vitamins and antibiotics to inhibit DHT production. Serenoa works to disrupt 5-Alpha Reductase which in turn limits DHT secretion. The natural ingredients Fallopia japonica, Zinc, Biotin, Silicon and Ascorbic acid in the Hair and Scalp Antioxidant also improve liver function and protect the structure of hair to create a healthier environment for hair to grow in.

Why Should I Consider Hair Loss Drugs?

Drugs can be effective at stopping the recent onset of hair loss, and in some cases, can even help hair to regenerate. The effectiveness is not the same for all, and will require a course of treatment over months with regular doctor consultations.

If you are looking for a permanent solution that will address all the contributing causes of hair loss, hair loss pills are not the solution. Completely regenerating hair naturally requires an expert’s diagnosis and some advanced interventions that you simply cannot get from a pill or a cream.

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