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International TV Celebrity Consults Advanced Hair Studio’s Clinic for Specialist Female Hair Regrowth Treatment

Lydia Schiavello is known internationally for being one of the stars of TV hit show, Real Housewives of Melbourne. Lydia is very proud of her appearance and has been a client of Advanced Hair Studio’s clinic for many years, and they have been responsible for caring for, extending and maintaining her glorious, long, thick hair. Recently, Lydia consulted their Hair Loss Specialist to discuss their Hair Loss preventive and regrowth procedures and programs.

Even though Lydia has been a client of Advanced Hair Studio for Hair Extensions, she was unaware of their preventative and regrowth programs for females and their many benefits.

As Lydia excitedly explained,

I’ve loved being a brand ambassador for Advanced Hair Studio and the help they have provided with my hair, but I only wish I’d known about this comprehensive program previously. It really completes the full spectrum of hair loss in females I was looking for.

Lydia Schiavello Before
Lydia Schiavello After

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