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What Is A Crown Hair Transplant?

What Is A Crown Hair Transplant?‘What should I do about my bald spot?’ is an age old question.

For many men who are undergoing some form of recent onset hair loss, a bald spot is—at best—a sign of ageing. At worst, your bald spot could be a constant source of distraction and embarrassment. Hair loss is a completely natural process that will affect all men, to some degree, throughout their lives (approximately half of men experience hair loss by the time they reach their 50s), but it can also manifest in women.

The crown, simply put, is that area on the top of the head where the characteristic swirl of the scalp can be seen (in most men). Hair loss is much more likely to start around the front of the head, as part of the dreaded receding hairline. Over time, this hair loss can progress further and further backwards on the head, until the hair around the scalp begins to thin noticeably and a ‘bald spot’ begins to form.

What Can A Hair Transplant Do?

A hair transplant is a clinically safe, minor surgical procedure that aims to move healthy hair follicles from one part of the scalp to another, where they are required.

Not all hairs on your scalp are affected in the same way by the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – which binds to follicles and forces them to close prematurely – some hairs are genetically programmed to be resistant to its effects. These resistant follicles are selected by surgeons and implanted into the balding regions. They embed themselves into the blood flow of the region, thereby sparking radical regeneration of hair.

Hair transplants are a permanent, effective and proven treatment method to deal with hair loss, and can be tailored to fully restore hair volume and thickness. Used for decades by statesmen and cultural icons alike, hair transplants have advanced to the point of being virtually undetectable.

Should I Get A Hair Transplant For The Crown?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors.

It is important to consider the seriousness of your hair loss – if your hair, at the crown, is likely to continue to thin over time, it may be better to wait to perform a transplant for this particular region. If a transplant is performed prematurely, any results could end up being undercut by advanced thinning. For this reason, hair transplants are usually recommended for older patients (as their hair loss is likely to be much more predictable).

That said, if your hair loss, at the crown, is causing you notable distress, it could be well worth considering the possibility of a transplant. Advanced Hair Studio offers a hair check; why not use this service to find out whether a hair transplant, at the crown, is right for you.

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