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Bald Head

bald headThere’s nothing worse than looking in the mirror and having a terrifying thought cross your mind – ‘I’m going bald.’ Going bald is a confronting experience for several reasons:

  • It is often the first real sign that you are getting older, even though going bald young is more common than most people think.
  • No matter how hard we try to say the opposite, appearance does matter and going bald does change your appearance.
  • Hair is often intimately attached to personality, men with long hair can’t bear to think of losing it and women may struggle to say goodbye to their favourite styles.
  • A bald head, and especially a bald head on a young man can seem like an unfair occurrence, especially when it looks as though we have no control over it.

So, there’s no denying that going bald is a terrible experience, but you don’t have to worry about any of the above because Advanced Hair Studio has the cures for a bald head.

So, Why Am I Going Bald?

You could be going bald for several reasons. The most common are:

  • Genetics: If male or female pattern baldness runs in the family, the chances of you going bald are significantly increased,
  • Stress: Stress has a negative impact on most areas of our body and can lead to increased amounts of hair falling out.
  • Telogen effluvium: Our hair grows in cycles; the resting stage is known as telogen. Telogen effluvium refers to the condition caused when hair roots are pushed into a resting state prematurely. This can happen as a result of:
    • Illness
    • Medications
    • Insufficient protein in your diet
    • Low iron levels.
  • Alopecia areata: This is a rare autoimmune condition in which the immune system attach the hair follicles and causes them to stop growing hair.

These are just some of the factors that can cause a bald head. If you feel as though you’re going bald, the first thing you should do is visit your nearest Advanced Hair Studio for a Hair Check.

How to Treat Bald Hair

Your treatment plan will be mapped out during your Hair Check. During this initial consultation, we will analyse the health of your scalp to see which treatment would work best for you. Our treatments include:

Men’s Therapies

  • Hairfusion: This procedure matches each strand to existing strands of hair to cover bald spots. The best part about this treatment is how natural it looks, so you can get a full head of hair without anyone knowing you’ve been through treatment.
  • Advanced Laser Therapy: We can increase hair growth by 90% when we combine our Advanced Laser Therapy with our at home treatment.
  • Advanced Hair Fibres: Thickening Fibres: If you still have substantial hair but feel as though your going bald, you can put this worry to bed instantly by brushing your hair with our Thickening Fibres. They are made of keratin fibres which bond to your hair and remain in place.
  • Advanced Singular Hair Grafting: If you’ve only just begun going bald, chances are it will begin at your hairline. You can stem the thinning with our Advanced Singular Hair Grafting.

Women’s Therapies

  • Advanced Laser Therapy: Women have also seen tremendous results with Advanced Laser Therapy. In fact, we have a 90% success rate.
  • HairfusionHairfusion Female Non Surgical Hair Replacement: This procedure is perfect for filling in any bald or thinning spots that develop because we match each strand to adjacent strands for a completely natural look.
  • FlashPoints®: Hair extensions are arguably the easiest way to reduce the appearance of balding, and ours are the best. You don’t need any wax, glue or weaving and they’re reusable.

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