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Up until now many men have been put off by the look of hair transplants as the front hairline can take up to 6 months to regrow with a natural appearance. Now Advanced Hair Studio have developed the best combination of surgical and non surgical procedures to achieve the almost perfect result from day one.

No-One Will Know Until Your Own Front Hairline is Fully Grown:

Advanced Singular Hair Grafting ® – The Real Thing ™ transplant procedure uses your own growing hair to create a new, totally natural front hairline. This procedure is conducted by one of the worlds best and most respected surgeons. In combination with this procedure, Advanced Hair Studio create a non-surgical hair restoration system that integrates seamlessly behind your transplanted front hairline. The style has a natural sweep that hides your front hairline until the natural growth is fully grown and provides you with ‘the real thing’.

This Really Is As Good As It Gets:

Now you can avoid the unsightly look of a recent hair transplant and have a full head of hair while your new surgically transplanted hairline is growing. With Advanced Singular Hair Grafting ® – The Real Thing ™ you can have a totally natural, totally real front hairline combined with as much hair and styled as you require. For a sensational hair restoration procedure, this really is as good as it gets! The Real Thing™.


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