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Looking for Hair Extensions or Hair Extension Suppliers?

Looking for Hair Extensions or Hair Extension SuppliersAre you on the hunt for natural hair extensions and reputable providers? Then look no further: Advanced Hair Studio is here to help.

We understand that your hair is important to you. Unfortunately, for some people, their hair is prone to damage, thinning or falling out. For many women around the country, their hair can begin to lose its shine, volume and strength as they age, or as a result of conditions such as alopecia or hormonal disorders.

But it does not have to be this way. Thanks to a lot of hard work and research into the unique profiles of womens’ hair, modern hair extensions now offer incredibly lifelike results that look fantastic from all angles. Advanced Hair Studio is helping women across the world regain their confidence due to our stunning hair extensions, tailored specifically to your needs and expectations.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Simply put, hair extensions are fibres (either natural or synthetic) that are integrated into your natural hair to improve its appearance or texture. Hair extensions give wearers nearly complete freedom to redefine how their hair looks.

Natural hair extensions offer many advantages over synthetic extensions:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Natural hair will always look better than synthetic fibre
  • Easy Hair Care: Natural hair can be washed and cleaned without damaging your hair
  • Improved Feel: Natural hair feels much better to the touch, and is weighted perfectly

Flashpoints® Hair Extensions

Using some of the most advanced and sophisticated bonding procedures available, industry leading Flashpoints® extensions are the go-to for women across the country seeking an instant hair restoration solution.

Suitable for all hair types, these extensions take mere hours to apply and attach, resulting in long-lasting, natural looking hair. Not only that, but they pose almost zero risk to your existing hair.

Both effective and harmless, Flashpoints® do not use any chemical bonding procedures (such as glues, waxes or weaves) that can cause irreversible damage to your hair, and irritation to your scalp.

Instead, these extensions are attached lock by lock, to your hair, resulting in a look that is not only gentler, but that blends into your natural hair much better.

The biggest advantage is that these extensions are composed entirely of natural, ‘Remy’ human hairs. This means that the extensions will look better and stay stronger for much longer, as compared to synthetic fibres.

How To Choose A Hair Extension Supplier

Hair extensions are a well-established and common treatment option for dying or damaged hair and are used in hair clinics and salons across the nation – but when treating something as vulnerable and as important as hair, it is important to use quality products with a natural finish.

Getting the right look and fit for a hair extension is a meticulously difficult process which requires a thorough, scientific understanding of your hair and what will work best for it. When choosing your hair extension supplier, ensure that you select one with a reputation for a comprehensive, results driven approach in treating your hair.

Advanced Hair Studio supplies hair extensions across Australia, and is able to offer the safety and quality that only Flashpoints® extensions can afford; our hair check provides you with the freedom and choice to find out (risk-free) if these beautiful, revolutionary extensions are for you.

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