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FUE Versus FUT Hair Transplants

FUE Versus FUT Hair TransplantsHair transplants have come a long way since their humble beginnings. But even now, when we think of hair transplants, we remember images of inconsistent and embarrassing patches that can seem obvious from far.

This unfair stigma couldn’t be further from the truth. Nowadays, hair transplant surgeries use the latest and most innovative technologies to give you natural, lifelike results.

For those suffering from the shame and sadness that accompany hair loss, it’s important to know that hair transplants are a highly effective option with proven results. Anyone seeking a permanent solution can contact Advanced Hair Studio today to find out if this the best treatment for you.

That said, it is important to understand the types of procedures that are available. Here’s an overview.

Follicular Unit Transportation (FUT)

FUT (also known as ‘strip’) hair transplants are the ‘traditional’ method for transplanting hair. It involves selecting a strip of skin tissue from around the back or sides of the head, from which individual follicular units are then removed to be transplanted to balding areas.

FUT is still a popular method of transplantation because of its ability to deliver quality, high-yield results. It requires a smaller team to perform, meaning it is usually cheaper.
This comes at the cost of a longer recovery period, with patients noting greater discomfort around the scarring. Certain patients with tighter scalps may not be suitable for this method.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In a FUE hair transplant, each individual follicle is selected from around the scalp and distributed to mimic the orientation of natural hair.

This technique has a typically shorter healing time and much less scarring to its traditional counterpart. This means anyone undergoing FUE can get back on their feet in no time.

FUE is used by Advanced Hair Studio in our industry-leading Strand-by-Strand® HairGRAFT technique. This allows surgeons complete control over the process and create totally natural hair replacement. The success of our transplanted grafts is higher than 90% and approaching 100%.

Strand-by-Strand® HairGRAFT is a permanent hair restoration. Once the new hair grows there is no need for special care or maintenance; the transplanted hair will continue to grow naturally. It is recommended that after the transplant has been completed, clients commence Advanced Laser Therapy to assist with healing and healthy, strong regrowth.

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It can be difficult to know what the best treatment options are. Our hair surgery can give you back the hair you want, so whether it’s for your hairline or your scalp, take the plunge today and take control of your hair.

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