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Female Advanced Laser Therapy®

Regrow your hair with the powerful combination of: the latest laser beam technology, an FDA approved regrowth pharmaceutical, and a proven scalp and follicle treatment program. Visible benefits can occur in 4 months.

Female Laser Hair Growth Treatment

Associate Professor of Dermatology-Harvard Medical School Dr Michael R Hamblin’s Opinion on Advanced Laser Therapy for the Treatment of Thinning Hair: ‘I would therefore assert that the AHS parameters are well within the range of parameters that have been shown to be successful for hair regrowth, and that there is therefore no reason to doubt that the treatment would regrow hair in suitable subjects (i.e. thinning hair)’ click here to read the full report – Dr Michael Hamblin-Opinion on Advanced Laser Therapy

In a 2002 University Trial conducted by Advanced Hair Studio, 8 out of 10* who underwent Advanced Laser Therapy® actually experienced Laser Hair regrowth within 4 months, using a combination of Advanced Laser Therapy®, a FDA-approved hair regrowth pharmaceutical and a proven scalp and follicle hair loss treatment program.

A Laser Hair device has now been approved by the FDA and TGA as a device which stimulates hair regrowth. Advanced Laser Therapy’s Hair Regrowth program combined with our proven scalp and follicle hair loss treatment program scientifically assists our customers to address their hair restoration and regrowth needs.

*Clinical results can be obtained at the studio

Female Laser Hair Growth Treatment before and after

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