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Is A Cheap Hair Transplant Really The Way To Go?

Hair Regeneration Treatments - Prevent, Treat & Stop Hair Loss

If your hair loss seems to have no end in sight, it might be time to seriously consider a hair transplant. Hair clinics around the world stand by the effectiveness of a transplant, and with the correct procedure for both your skin and scalp, a hair transplant could provide you with a near-guaranteed successful treatment … Read more

Keep An Eye Out: Signs Of Going Bald

Keep An Eye Out: Signs Of Going Bald

Baldness is a natural part of growing old for many people, but our society has long associated attractiveness and youth with having hair – hence why so many people find hair loss so distressing. Hair loss is often accompanied by feelings of shame or embarrassment, but by knowing the signs to look out for, you … Read more

Should I Be Worried? Is Alopecia Genetic?

Is Alopecia Genetic? We Answer All Your Hair Loss Questions

It is a commonly held belief that alopecia is genetic and is passed down through the mother’s side of the family; a quick inspection of your maternal hairline could be a good indication of what is in store for you. However, determining whether alopecia is genetic, and is therefore likely to result in hair loss, … Read more

Unlock the Secret to Natural Hair Loss Treatment, Growth & Regrowth

the Secret to Natural Hair Loss Treatment

While clinical solutions offer guaranteed and proven results for most people, it is also completely legitimate to look toward natural, cost-effective solutions. Hair loss is a surprisingly complicated affair, involving, amongst other things, the relationship between your genetic makeup, hormonal levels, skin health and even stress. You can target the causes of hair loss at … Read more

The Best Hair Transplants in Sydney

The Best Hair Transplants Sydney

What is a Hair Transplant? A hair transplant is the most effective and comprehensive way to deal with balding or thinning hair. It works by taking hair from areas of the scalp that haven’t been affected by hair loss and implanting the hair in the areas where hair follicles have either stopped or slowed hair … Read more

The Best Hair Transplants in Perth

The Best Hair Transplants Perth

What is a Hair Transplant? If your hair is balding or thinning, you’re probably looking at ways to restore your hair. Hair transplants are the most effective method of restoration, and they work by taking hair from parts of the scalp with healthy hair growth and implanting them in areas where hair growth has either … Read more

Is Your Hair Thinning at the Crown?

Hair Thinning at Crown

Being told that your hair looks like it could be thinning at the crown is certainly unnerving. It can come with confusion and uncertainty, and you might wonder if this could be the end for your hair as you know it. It’s not quite total hair loss, but it’s definitely noticeable and can have real … Read more

Genetic Hair Loss – What You Need To Know

Genetic Hair Loss

Before blaming your parents for the patches of hair falling out in the shower, you need to know that there’s a bit more to hair loss than just genetics. Genetics are important, but they don’t give you the whole picture – hair loss is unfortunately a bit more complicated than it seems, and there are … Read more