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Hair Regeneration That Really Works

Hair Regeneration Treatments - Prevent, Treat & Stop Hair Loss

Hair regeneration is difficult, but it can be achieved with the help of expert trichologists, such as those on the Advanced Hair Studio team. The reason that your hair may be thinning or falling out is due to damage sustained by or a shrinking of the hair follicles – the structures that house and support … Read more

Unlock the Secret to Natural Hair Loss Treatment, Growth & Regrowth

the Secret to Natural Hair Loss Treatment

While clinical solutions offer guaranteed and proven results for most people, it is also completely legitimate to look toward natural, cost-effective solutions. Hair loss is a surprisingly complicated affair, involving, amongst other things, the relationship between your genetic makeup, hormonal levels, skin health and even stress. You can target the causes of hair loss at … Read more

The Best Vitamins for Hair Growth

Best Vitamins for Hair Growth

The best way to slow or halt hair loss is to encourage hair growth. Vitamins for hair growth are a great way to do this, and provide assistance for both thinning hair and hair loss in women and men. Like all bodily processes, hair growth is dependent on a healthy balance of vitamins, and some … Read more