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Keep An Eye Out: Signs Of Going Bald

Keep An Eye Out: Signs Of Going Bald

Baldness is a natural part of growing old for many people, but our society has long associated attractiveness and youth with having hair – hence why so many people find hair loss so distressing. Hair loss is often accompanied by feelings of shame or embarrassment, but by knowing the signs to look out for, you … Read more

Receding Hairline At 20? There is a Solution

Receding Hairline At 20? There is a Solution

If you are in your early 20s and start to notice that your hair is thinning, or falling out, it is entirely understandable that you might be feeling a tad concerned. After all, hair loss is usually an older person’s problem, reserved for men and women in their 60s and 70s. So, you may be … Read more

On the Hunt for a Non Surgical Hair Replacement Option in Sydney?

strand by strand no surgical

Advanced Hair Studio has partnered with some of the leading hair experts in the country to create an innovation in hair restoration. This restoration treatment combines the natural, lifelike results of our Hairfusion procedures with the benefits of non-surgical treatments, all to provide you with a non-invasive and almost no maintenance treatment option that can restore … Read more

On the Hunt for a Non Surgical Hair Replacement Option in Melbourne?

strand by strand no surgical

Believe us when we say that hair can be completely restored, non-surgically Strand-by-Strand®. One of Advanced Hair Studio’s signature treatments, the Strand-by-Strand® Non Surgical is a non-invasive and minimal maintenance procedure that can hugely benefit you today. With a simple Strand-by-Strand® Non Surgical procedure, you could regain your confidence. The Natural Hair Loss Solution We … Read more

Do You Have Long Hair and a Receding Hairline? Here’s What To Do

Hair Replacement

A receding hairline is a common side effect of age, and signals that more advanced hair loss is likely to take place. After all, pattern hair loss will affect nearly half of all men and a third of all women by the time they reach their 50s. Despite being so widespread, a receding hairline can … Read more

Hair Loss Symptoms: Everything You Need to Know About Hair Loss Causes, Signs & Problems of Pattern Baldness

hair loss symptoms

Over half of men past the age of 50 will experience some form of Male Pattern Baldness (MPB), known commonly as the dreaded androgenetic alopecia. Maybe this is why we tend to associate balding with old age and wisdom. However, the complete picture of hair loss science suggests that a number of things could be … Read more

What is a Receding Hairline?

Hair Replacement

The day that most men dread is when they start to notice the hairline give way. It’s a common cultural trope that this signifies the (often less than graceful) descent into middle age. While it may not be initially traumatic, the reality of any hair thinning is a lot more complicated. Often, this can be … Read more

Genetic Hair Loss – What You Need To Know

Genetic Hair Loss

Before blaming your parents for the patches of hair falling out in the shower, you need to know that there’s a bit more to hair loss than just genetics. Genetics are important, but they don’t give you the whole picture – hair loss is unfortunately a bit more complicated than it seems, and there are … Read more