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On the Hunt for a Non Surgical Hair Replacement Option in Melbourne?

Believe us when we say that hair can be completely restored, non-surgically Strand-by-Strand®. One of Advanced Hair Studio’s signature treatments, the Strand-by-Strand® Non Surgical is a non-invasive and minimal maintenance procedure that can hugely benefit you today. With a simple Strand-by-Strand® Non Surgical procedure, you could regain your confidence.

The Natural Hair Loss Solution

We know how important hair is today. Lustrous hair is a sign of youth, attractiveness and virility. A loss of hair can be an absolutely devastating blow for both men and women, purely because what it could signal. You may begin to fixate on what other people think of your hair, and by extension, you.

This blow to your self-confidence is just not worth worrying about, especially when there are treatments available right here in Melbourne.

What Is Strand-by-Strand® Non Surgical?

A Strand-by-Strand® Non Surgical procedure could change your life. This treatment provides you with a lifelike hair replacement that comes with no hassle and helps you bring out the best in your hair.

This hair replacement procedure, brought to you exclusively by Advanced Hair Studio, is tailored by our Melbourne hair surgeons to create a natural, stylish look that is indistinguishable from the real thing. You will have the freedom to craft your hair in any way you choose and with a near undetectable hairline. It is an effective and proven treatment that does not require you to go anywhere near a surgery theatre.

Strand-by-Strand® Non Surgical produces results without the usual side-effects of painful scarring and the resulting healing time. With our Strand-by-Strand® Non Surgical hair replacement procedure, you receive a fully textured, lifelike head of hair. We can even combine Strand-by-Strand® Non Surgical with several other follicle regenerating treatments.

There are not any better procedures or risk free procedures available when compared to our Strand-by-Strand® Non Surgical. If you are unsure about hair loss treatments in Melbourne that could have any number of painful and awkward side effects, let Advanced Hair Studio help you restore your hair, Strand-by-Strand®.

The Strand-by-Strand® Non Surgical Process

The Strand-by-Strand® Non Surgical hair replacement procedure matches new strands to existing ones. Aside from producing a near undetectable hairline, this treatment radically expands volume and keeps texture and colour consistent.

This enables both men and women to style their hair as they wish, in either a short or long fashion, without the fear of making receding hairlines or thinning hair obvious. Hair looks as vibrant and as strong as it was, giving you the confidence to tackle the day again.

Book a Strand-by-Strand® Non Surgical Hair Replacement Today

The Advanced Hair Studio Strand-by-Strand® Non Surgical procedure is the leading non-surgical method for treating baldness and thinning hair. There is no scarring, no pain and no disruption to your life, and the results are guaranteed.

The procedure delivers more than just a full head of hair; it gives you the confidence you need to excel in your professional life and make meaningful connections in your personal life.

Restore your confidence today:

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