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The Best Hair Loss Treatment For Females

The Best Hair Loss Treatment For Females

There is a dizzying array of hair loss treatments available for women, and it can be hard to know which ones are proven to be effective. Here are some things for women to consider when seeking treatment for their hair loss. Your Goals When setting out to combat hair loss, it is important to understand … Read more

Trichotillomania Treatment Melbourne

Trichotillomania Treatment

The reality of trichotillomania – compulsive hair pulling – is cruel for most sufferers. Brought about in extremely stressful or depressive periods, it can be difficult for others to understand exactly why it happens and in many cases is totally subconscious. Trichotillomania is a serious disorder with serious implications for mental health. It is important … Read more

A Guide to the Most Common Hair Loss Conditions

Hair Loss Conditions Explained - Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Hair loss is common, but the causes are diverse. Here is an overview of some of the most common forms of hair loss. Alopecia Areata Sometimes the body’s defence mechanisms will misfire and cause rapid and irreversible hair loss. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder affecting men and women of all ages, which can be … Read more

Hair Loss In Young Women: There is a Solution

Female Pattern Baldness Treatment - Cure Hair Loss in Women

Most of us believe that hair loss is just an unfortunate part of growing older, and a male dominated condition – which is why hair loss for young women can be so shocking. Unfortunately, hair loss can strike any of us, and can start at any age. It is important to know the specific form … Read more

Hair Regeneration That Really Works

Hair Regeneration Treatments - Prevent, Treat & Stop Hair Loss

Hair regeneration is difficult, but it can be achieved with the help of expert trichologists, such as those on the Advanced Hair Studio team. The reason that your hair may be thinning or falling out is due to damage sustained by or a shrinking of the hair follicles – the structures that house and support … Read more

The Top 5 Hair Problems

The Top 5 Hair Problems

Hair is a living part of our bodies, and from time to time will experience some problems. Knowing what the most common maladies are and how to treat them (or, when to seek professional help) can help you keep your hair looking thick and strong for years to come. Hair Loss Hair loss is incredibly … Read more

What is a Receding Hairline?

Hair Replacement

The day that most men dread is when they start to notice the hairline give way. It’s a common cultural trope that this signifies the (often less than graceful) descent into middle age. While it may not be initially traumatic, the reality of any hair thinning is a lot more complicated. Often, this can be … Read more

The Baldness Gene – Treatment To Reduce Hair Loss in Men & Women

baldness gene

The baldness gene is something surround by as much myth as fact. Baldness in men and women is strongly associated with genetics, so there is such a thing as a ‘baldness’ gene, but you do not get it from your mother. The genes associated with baldness are polygenetic, which means they come from a variety … Read more