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What is a Trichologist?

What is a Trichologist?Hair Loss Diagnosis Monitored by Hair Loss Doctors

Losing hair is a tough blow. It often comes out of nowhere, and without expert advice, it can seem like an impossible task to recover the hair that was once there. Luckily, scalp hair specialists exist and can help you take back control of your hair.

A trichologist deals with, and provides scientific diagnosis of hair and scalp disorders. It’s part of the broader medical practice of dermatology, which looks at skin all over the body. Advanced Hair Studio retains some of the leading trichologists in the country, with proven experience in resolving the most difficult of hair loss issues.

We offer hair consultations to get to the root of hair loss, so consider getting in contact today. Our world-class hair restoration technologies look entirely natural, so you can go right back to looking and feeling your best.

The Advanced Hair Studio team, with the help of our Trichologist hair specialists, are on hand to provide you with an honest appraisal of the health of your hair and scalp and formulate a plan to address any issues.

The most important thing we provide is honest advice. We never suggest a treatment that won’t work, so you can be sure that any female hair thinning treatments we recommend will be designed for your particular condition.

What Can Our Trichologists Advise On?

Trichologists deal with all aspects of the hair and the scalp. From providing expert diagnoses on serious hair diseases to advising on proper hair maintenance techniques, they help individuals realise the full potential of their hair.

Our consulting trichologists can diagnose and assist with treatments for hair loss conditions such as:

Advanced Hair Studio works with medical and scientific authorities to approve treatments. For any of the above conditions, all treatment options will be discussed in depth by the Trichologist to ensure that the appropriate treatment is given.

Trichologists can assist in combating the whole range of illnesses and conditions that affect the hair, and will work with you to provide comprehensive treatments and proven results.

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We understand how devastating thinning hair can be. We’ve helped over 1 million people to regrow or restore their hair through our revolutionary therapies. Our hair loss services and hair loss doctors can turn your life around. Restore your confidence today:

Restore your confidence today:

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