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Alopecia Totalis

Alopecia TotalisHair loss is traumatising. It’s an experience that no-one wants to go through. And yet, experiencing some form of hair loss in life is the rule, not the exception.

Almost everybody will encounter a hair loss issue at some point in their lives, although they may differ in their severity. Of these issues, alopecia totalis is one of the best known – and most feared – hair loss disorders.

What is Alopecia Totalis?

Alopecia is an umbrella term that is generally used to describe hair loss; however, there are actually many different types of alopecia. These include alopecia areata, alopecia universalis, diffuse alopecia, androgenic alopecia, and even postpartum alopecia.

Alopecia totalis is distinct from the other types of alopecia. It refers specifically to a condition that results in a total loss of all head hair.

What Causes Alopecia Totalis?

Arguably the most frustrating aspect of alopecia totalis is that as yet, there’s no concrete explanation for its causes.

At present, there are only theories as to the disorder’s origin.

The most widely accepted theory is that alopecia totalis is the result of an autoimmune condition, in which the immune system mistakes hair follicles as a threat to the body, and attacks them. This results in significant, sudden, and complete hair loss in the scalp.

It’s believed that genetics play the largest role in this autoimmune dysfunction. People with pre-existing autoimmune conditions such as diabetes and an overactive thyroid are also more susceptible to alopecia totalis.

Another common misconception is that alopecia can only occur to older people. This is totally untrue. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Alopecia totalis mainly affects young people aged 15 to 29

Unlike with many hair loss issues, lifestyle factors have scant influence over the likelihood of contracting alopecia totalis. Unfortunately, the condition is, to a great extent, preordained.

Having said that, taking appropriate precautions and ensuring the maintenance of healthy immune system can help prevent the condition.

The following steps should be taken:

  • Avoiding the consumption of alcohol and tobacco
  • Following a rigorous exercise routine
  • Pursuing a diet rich in different vitamins and nutrients

Although these lifestyle factors aren’t guaranteed to prevent the onset of alopecia totalis, they’re an important part of any hair care routine and will decrease the chances of ‘triggering’ alopecia totalis.

How Advanced Hair Studio Can Help

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