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Why My Hair is Falling Out

Why is my hair falling outIt’s a question that every sufferer of hair loss has asked themselves at some point. Losing your hair is a confusing and stressful time, and the sufferers can feel intense embarrassment and shame at the onset of it.

Out of fear of judgement and a lack of confidence, people losing their hair are likely to suffer in silence, and not speak about it with friends or professionals. This prevents them from receiving the appropriate guidance and advice.

At Advanced Hair Studio, we’re dedicated to providing you with the answer to exactly why your hair is falling out; so that we can start you on the path to achieving, real, natural regrowth.

Why Is Hair Important?

The journey of human hair is a long and fascinating one. Back when humans moved around on all fours, it’s believed that we had a full coating of thick hair, in a similar way to apes. This coating of hair provided protection from the elements.

After we evolved to walk on two legs, it’s speculated that we only kept growing hair on our scalps because it was the only part of our bodies that were still regularly, directly exposed to sunlight and harsh UV rays.

Since then, the hair on our heads has taken on a high level of importance. It’s become a way to show off aesthetic preferences, a means of displaying social signifiers, and it now makes up a huge part of our visual identities.

So, if we start losing our hair, that can cause an understandable level of concern and stress.

Why Does Hair Fall Out?

So, why does hair fall out? There are innumerable reasons. There’s no simple answer to why someone might be losing their hair. Usually, it isn’t just one thing causing the problem. Instead, it’s a combination of factors – both genetic and lifestyle-related – that conspire to create hair loss.

Contrary to popular belief, hair loss can affect women just as much as men. Common reasons for hair loss include:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • High stress
  • Vitamin imbalance
  • Weight loss
  • Ageing
  • The use of new medicines

With such a diverse range of factors, which frequently co-occur, it’s not surprising that almost everyone suffers a hair loss or hair care issue at some point in their lives.

How Advanced Hair Studio Can Help

Even though it’s hard to determine why hair loss happens, it’s easy to figure out what to do when it happens. Advanced Hair Studio offers a suite of industry-leading treatments and solutions to maximise your chances of reversing hair loss in a long-term and meaningful way.

From flagship treatments like our Laser Hair Growth Treatment, Hairfusion and our Advanced Singular Grafting, right through to our highly-specialised trichologist-led lifestyle treatments, Advanced Hair Studio has an answer for you.

We will determine what’s causing your hair loss, and we will stop it.

Restore your confidence today:

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