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Need Expert Help With Your Hair Loss? Try Our Trichologist in Brisbane

We have experience and success with some of the most treatment-resistant forms of hair loss afflicting individuals and can boast experience in treating the world’s most renowned celebrities and royals.

We have gone from strength to strength developing unparalleled expertise in hair loss treatments. The insight and knowledge we have developed over time has allowed us to advise and treat a number of confidence crushing hair loss conditions. Previously difficult strains of hair loss such as androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata and alopecia totalis were seen as irreversible, but our work has enabled many individuals to regain their hair.

Brisbane locals suffering from hair loss can benefit from our expertise. You can benefit enormously from working with us to diagnose and treat hair loss, and even begin to regrow your hair.

Our Brisbane Trichologist’s Approach

Hair loss is a complicated issue caused by a number of factors, working together, including:

  • Genetics (on both sides of the family)
  • Nutrition
  • Certain illnesses
  • Mental stress
  • Side effects of medication
  • Damage to follicles

Our expertise is available to anyone in the Brisbane area. Every case of hair loss is different, and with Advanced Hair Studio, you can get to the core of the issue. Our expert in the field of trichology will take everything into account and recommend the best treatment for your hair loss.

What is Trichology?

In short, trichology is the scientific and medical study of hair, similar and related to dermatology which is the study of skin. The hairs on our head are housed by organs named follicles, which are living parts of our skin. By combining insights from both of these fields of medical practice enables trichologists to provide the best environment for hair to grow.

Our trichologist in Brisbane will investigate your hair follicles and the reasons for your hair loss, including hormonal changes and genetics. Like any medical treatment, you need the best services available to bring you back to full health, and hair is no different.

Our Brisbane Trichologist Treatments

Depending on the expert assessment of our Brisbane trichologist, Advanced Hair Studio can offer a wide range of suitable treatments:

  • Men’s Therapies: Our men’s therapies will help you regain your confidence and masculinity. Treatments such as transplants, produce incredible, lifelike results which can stop hair loss and even regrow hair. You will no longer be a slave to your genetics with treatments such as these.
  • Women’s Therapies: Hair is vitally important in our society, and we understand the need for its restoration. We have a number of therapies tailored exclusively to women’s hair that will regain shape, texture, colour and volume. Work with us to help restore your confidence.

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Take advantage of Advanced Hair Studio’s relationship with such an esteemed member of the trichology field. An appointment could change your life. Your hair loss should not control your life, particularly when help is available.

Going bald is not an inevitability for men, nor is it something that unlucky women have to cover up. The technology, the knowledge, and the expert advice is available – it is up to you to use it. Contact Advanced Hair Studio today.

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