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Do Hair Loss Tablets Even Exist?

Hair Loss TabletsThe Internet is littered with advertisements for tablets that claim to completely cure hair loss, promising fast results for anyone willing to try. This would be nice in theory, but hair loss is an undeniably complicated process that requires an expert approach.

Hair loss can be the result of hormonal changes or imbalances, age, genetics and a number of environmental factors. Any treatment that claims to completely resolve all of these should be worthy of suspicion.

There are a number of hair loss tablets and drugs on the market that promise all of the above. Unfortunately, there very few are actually proven to be effective, and are safe for regular, ongoing consumption.

Which Hair Loss Tablets Actually Work?

Advanced Hair Studio uses Minoxidil as the primary pharmaceutical for treating hair loss. Minoxidil is available as both a pill and as a topical cream. This chemical doesn’t target hormones, but instead works by improving blood flow, improving the conditions for hair growth around the hair follicles.

One hair loss tablet that targets hormones is Propecia. This targets a specific androgenic hormone (male sex hormone) named dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is present throughout the body, and prompts the growth of hair and spurs sexual development around puberty. However, in later years, it binds to hair follicles and causes them to shrink, occluding hair shafts and making healthy hair growth impossible.

However, the process of targeting hormones creates a series of unpleasant, and at times dangerous, side effects. As such, Advanced Hair Studio has never prescribed Propecia as a hair loss treatment—nor will we in the future.

Instead, Advanced Hair Studio offers hair loss tablets that inhibit DHT production through naturally occurring ingredients, such as herbs. Our Serenoa 320 capsules and Advanced Hair and Scalp Antioxidant use natural ingredients, including the plant extract Serenoa as well as Fallopia japonica, Zinc, Biotin, Silicon and Ascorbic acid to reduce DHT production and create a healthier scalp.

Are There Risks?

The hair loss tablets prescribed by Advanced Hair Studio carry no serious risks. The most common risk is scalp irritation as a result of topical Minoxidil, and if this occurs we can simply reduce your dose. The tablet form is only given in a dosage that suits each patient’s condition and health status.

Are Hair Loss Tablets Worth It?

Minoxidil and our Serenoa range have all given our patients great hair loss results. However, they work best as part of a holistic hair loss treatment.

If you’re looking for a permanent solution that will address all the overlapping elements that contribute to hair loss, you may need more than hair loss pills. Completely regenerating hair naturally requires an expert’s diagnosis and some advanced interventions that you simply can’t get from a pill or a cream.

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