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Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

Hair Loss in WomenHair loss is common in women, although it presents differently from men. While men tend to lose hair from the hairline and temples, women will often see the first signs of hair loss around the part and top of the head.

Some hair loss is normal, and an average women will lose 50-100 hairs every day as part of the regular growth and shedding cycle. But, if you’re noticing more hair on your pillow or your brush, and less on your head, you need to visit us for a Hair Check as soon as possible.

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

  • Genes: Hair loss is tied to genetics, but it’s not always your mother’s fault as the old wives’ tale suggests. The genetic makeup of hair loss is complex, and most likely comes down to a variety of sources.
  • Hormones: Hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause can lead to hair loss. The makeup of oestrogen in the body can also affect hair production.
  • Stress
  • Burns and trauma
  • Medications: Chemotherapy, blood thinners, beta-blockers and blood pressure medication can cause temporary hair loss.
  • Medical conditions: Diabetes, anaemia, eating disorders, lupus, thyroid disease
  • Diet: Low-calorie and low-calorie diets can cause hair loss.
  • Alopecia areata: In this condition, the immune system attacks the hair follicles and causes patches of follicles to stop producing hair.
  • Traction alopecia: This occurs when too much tension is placed on the hair by pulling the hair back into braids or a ponytail.
  • Other forms of alopecia.

Treatment for Female Hair Loss

  • Hairfusion: We fill in thick sections of hair by adding new strands to existing strands. We ensure each strand is matched perfectly so no one will be able to tell you’ve even had treatment.
  • FlashPoints®: Women have long turned to hair extensions to plump up their hair and ours are the best. They require no wax, glue or weaving so you won’t lose any further hair and we match them to your exact colour and texture for a seamless look.

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