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Traction Alopecia

Is Traction Alopecia the Reason for My Hair Loss?

Traction alopecia can be the reason for hair loss in some circumstances. It is generally caused by regularly pulling the hair tightly in one direction, such as when creating a ponytail or dreadlocks. Putting hair under such strain can cause traction alopecia with the hair loss usually occurring around the temples and sides of the head.

Other less common causes can be due to tightly worn helmets which can rub at localised areas of the scalp.

To properly determine if traction alopecia is the cause of your hair loss you need to consult with a specialist such as those at Advanced Hair Studio. You can do this at a consultation by simply completing the online application form on this page.

How Does Traction Alopecia Affect the Hair?

The strain on hair caused by pulling in one direction means hair loss usually occurs around the temples and the sides of the head. If it is caused by the friction of headgear or habitual tugging, the hair loss will happen where the friction is most significant or where the force from the tugging is exerted.

Traction Alopecia Treatment

Traction alopecia is treatable, and Advanced Hair Studio will create a treatment plan that delivers results. Every case is unique, so visiting us for a Hair Check is vital as this allows us to pinpoint the reason for the hair loss and to ensure the cause is traction alopecia, and not something more sinister.

We have a number of men’s therapy options for treating traction alopecia, ranging from laser therapy to Hairfusion hair restoration.

We may even use a combination of treatments to help your scalp recover from traction alopecia. Our ultimate aim is to give you a full head of hair that looks natural. We don’t believe in offering quick fixes, because the only thing worse than thinning or balding hair, is a visible hair restoration.

Looking After Your Hair Post Traction Alopecia Treatment

It is essential that you practice good hair care following your treatment by focusing on:

  • Avoid putting pressure on the hair, for example, refrain from tying it back in a tight ponytail – if you want to wear a ponytail, tie it loose and low
  • Avoid hats and headgear wherever possible, especially in the time immediately following treatment
  • Brush your hair carefully and use a detangling brush rather than a regular hairbrush.

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1 million people around the world have grown their hair back thanks to our revolutionary approach to hair restoration. Traction alopecia doesn’t have to be a disaster for your hair. Hair can recover and so can your confidence. You deserve to feel good about yourself, and you deserve to enjoy a life free from the worry associated with traction alopecia. Restore your confidence today:

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