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What Is A Widow’s Peak And How To Get Rid Of It

Widows PeakWhat are widow’s peaks? We’ve all heard of them, we know what they look like but what are they, why do they look like they do and why are they called widow’s peaks?

What is a Widow’s Peak?

A widow’s peak is a hairline that is in the shape of a V. If you look at the forehead, the hairline will swoop down, so the bottom of the V sits in the centre. It’s a common hairstyle to have, for both men and women.

Why Is It Called a Widow’s Peak?

The name is derived from the way the hairline resembles the hoods that widows wore after their husbands have passed away. The saying went that anyone born with this type of hair was destined for early widowhood and the name stuck.

What Causes Widow’s Peaks?

The peak is mostly tied to genetics, and people are naturally born with a straight or a curved hairline. If you have one, chances are your parents or grandparents will have one too.

How to Remove a Widow’s Peak

If you have a widow’s peak but would prefer not to have one, you can style your hair to cover it. For example, women and women could part their hair to the side or women could grow a fringe. Hairstyles to avoid include anything slicked or pulled back like a quiff or a ponytail.

At Advanced Hair Studio, we help people that are dealing with losing their hair. We are in the business of regrowing, not removing hair because we know how precious it is and how much it is missed when it is gone.

Losing hair is one thing, but not appreciating the hair you have been given is another. Many celebrities have widow’s peaks, and they can actually be the basis of some great hairstyles.

Of course, if you’re losing your hair and you have a widow’s peak, you should visit us right away for a Hair Check. This will allow us to diagnose your hair loss and begin a treatment program that ensures your widow’s peak, and the rest of your hair stays with you for as long as you like.

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