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Want the Best Hair Extensions in Dandenong?

Want the Best Hair Extensions in DandenongHair extensions are making a comeback around the world, and it is not hard to see why. Hair extensions instantly transform the look of your hair, with minimal risk, thereby attaining beautiful results. For anyone dealing with the effects of hair loss, it is seriously worth considering.

Advanced Hair Studio is bringing some of the industry’s most effective treatments and hair extensions to a clinic near you. If you have been suffering from the effects of hair loss for too long, fixating on your own and others hair, feeling shame or embarrassment, read on to find out what hair extensions can do for you.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are a method of treating and beautifying the hair that dates back centuries – it has been known for a while that hair extensions were in use in ancient Egyptian times, with Cleopatra a noted fan. The principle is simple; attach fibres to the hair to instantly lift the overall volume, texture and appearance.

Even though hair extensions have been in use for centuries, they are currently making a resurgence, all around Australia, as more women seek real solutions for hair loss. While they may not be used to demonstrate wealth or prestige anymore, hair extensions are still one of the most reliable treatments for thinning hair, and are suitable for both temporary events or long-term routine use.

Advanced Hair Studio’s Flashpoints® Hair Extensions

Advanced Hair Studio proudly offers Flashpoints® hair extensions, a hair extension method that uses the latest technology and treatment procedures, for their unbeatable, prized quality and longevity.

At Advanced Hair Studio, the choice between the use of natural and synthetic hair for extensions is a simple one, with natural hair winning every time. Flashpoints® extensions utilise ‘Remy’ hairs which are prized for their silky smooth texture and strength, and offer undetectable results in order to fit a wide range of styles. Women across the country prefer Remy extensions for the following reasons:

  • Looks Like the Real Thing: Remy extensions preserve the look and colour of real hair, so only you will know that you have extensions
  • Easy Maintenance: You can treat these extensions like your normal hair; there is no special treatment required
  • Unbeatable Feel: Remy hairs are unbelievably silky smooth, and are a pleasure to hold

By attaching hairs lock-by-lock to the original, Flashpoints® gives you the benefits of extensions without the need for the use of glues and preservatives which can seriously damage your hair over time.

With the help of an expert stylist, you can preserve the look of your original hair or change to something completely different; extensions give you the freedom to take control of your hair once again.

Why Opt For Hair Extensions In Dandenong?

It can sound too good to be true, but hair extensions are an established and proven treatment that can bring your self-esteem back from the brink. The importance of looking good should not be underestimated, so, in order to get the best out of your social life, the restoration of your hair should be a priority. Hair extensions have been the key for so many women that we have treated.

If you are struggling with hair loss, or hair loss has taken a toll on how you view your own beauty, you should know that there are totally safe treatments that provide visible, instant relief. Undetectable from the original, we offer hair extension treatments to you, right here in Dandenong. Look good, feel good – because you deserve it.

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Over 1 million people around the world have had their lives changed by our treatments. We know they work because we have seen it first hand, and we have hundreds of thousands of happy customers who are prepared to back our expertise.

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