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Need to Treat Hair Loss? Try Low Level Laser Therapy in Melbourne

Laser Hair GrowthWhen you combine two of the most powerful hair loss treatments available, you are almost guaranteed to see some incredible results. Our Melbourne clinic is now offering Advanced Hair Studio’s laser therapy program. This program could be the solution you have been looking for in order to achieve unprecedented hair regrowth.

Hair loss is a cruel and unfortunate part of our genetic make-up. It is often accompanied by feelings of shame and embarrassment. If left unchecked, hair loss can have serious consequences for your personal and professional relationships.

It does not need to be this way, especially when treatments are available, right here in Melbourne. Our team of expert trichologists and surgeons has put together a program that combines the most effective tools in stimulating cell metabolism, and which can save even the most damaged of follicles.

By the use of biologically safe laser beam technology, a process known as bio-stimulation takes place, which spurs follicles back into the growth cycle of hair. Together with some established hair regrowth pharmaceuticals, you have a powerful combination that could regrow your hair in mere months.

Melbourne’s leading trichologists complete the treatment with a precisely crafted hair and scalp maintenance regimen. With proper care, and adherence to the program, hairs will be growing back as strong as they ever were.

How Does Low Level Laser Therapy Work?

When lasers around the scalp are activated, they improve blood flow which helps follicles enter the growth stage of their life cycle. Laser therapy is intense enough to accelerate the metabolism of your cells, but not enough to hurt or damage.

The effects are maximised with an FDA approved, safe pharmaceutical that also improves circulation and promotes growth of the follicles, thereby providing an optimal environment for follicles to heal and regrow hairs.

To anyone suffering hair loss in Melbourne, this innovative program is available from Advanced Hair Studio’s national network of consultants and surgeons and could be what you need to regrow your hair.

Associate Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School, Dr Michael R Hamblin has examined our program, and has had this to say:

“I would assert that the Advanced Hair Studio parameters are well within the range of parameters that have been shown to be successful for hair regrowth and that there is, therefore, no reason to doubt that the treatment would regrow hair in suitable subjects (i.e. thinning hair),” said Hamblin.

You can read Dr Hamblin’s full report here.

How Does Laser Hair Growth Treatment Work?

Our Laser Hair Growth Treatment combines the following established and effective procedures in order to create maximum impact:

  • Advanced low level laser technology
  • FDA approved pharmaceuticals
  • A monitored scalp and follicle treatment regimen

The treatment simply kick-starts the body’s natural healing processes and lets nature take care of the rest. For the vast majority of patients, hair growth can be observed in just months.

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