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Is Baldness Hereditary?

Is Baldness HereditaryAbout half of men will be affected by male pattern baldness by the time they reach the age of 50. It would be easy to point the finger at parents, but fortunately for them, baldness and hair loss are bit more complicated than that.

Do Genetics Cause Male and Female Pattern Baldness?

It goes without saying that hair loss is intimately connected to genetics. It’s held as common wisdom that hair is inherited from the maternal side, but this isn’t entirely true. This can account for some of the probability of balding, but a balding father is much more likely to explain this.

The causes of hair loss are polygenetic, which means they are tied to a range of hereditary factors, and while the gene does seem to be associated with the X chromosome on your mother’s side, this isn’t the only genes at play.

There’s a fair bit of confusion on this issue. Of course, the probability to bald, the distribution of hair, and age of onset of hair thinning are all influenced by your genetic makeup.

However, the idea that there’s a single specific gene responsible for all forms of baldness is incorrect. It’s speculated that hundreds of ‘baldness genes’ are involved in some aspect or another.

The genes associated with baldness are polygenetic, which means they come from a variety of sources which could come from your mother or fathers side.

While the primary baldness genes do come from the mother’s X chromosome, around 80% of bald men do have bald fathers. Other factors interact with genes to play a part:

  • Stress: Mental and physical stress can alter the body’s immune response and cause a shrinking of hair follicles. It isn’t uncommon for those under a lot of stress to begin losing hair at a faster rate.
  • Nutrition: A poor hair and skin care routine can accelerate the effects of baldness. Many vitamins and minerals, Vitamin B and Iron in particular are necessary for strong, thick hair.
  • Hormonal Changes: Specific androgenetic hormones are implicated in the shrinking of hair follicles. Hormonal imbalances can result from several environment triggers.
  • Medications: Medications may accelerate or trigger baldness in particular individuals.

Is There a Cure for the Baldness Gene?

No, there is no cure for genetic component, but there is a cure for both male and female baldness and hair loss. At Advanced Hair Studio, we use the most advanced technologies and techniques to address the varied causes of baldness and hair loss.

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