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How to Fix Bald Spots

How to Fix Bald SpotsA bald spot anywhere on the head of a man or woman is troubling. Bald spots can form anywhere, from the top of the head to the back of the head and they can form for several reasons.

What Causes Bald Spots?

Bald spots are caused by a condition known as alopecia areata. This is a non-contagious condition that is tied to genetics. It is an autoimmune disorder that attacks the hair follicles which suppresses growth.

In addition to genetics, bald spots can also be related to environmental triggers, such as pregnancy, trauma, illness and emotional stress.

How to Treat Bald Spots

If you’ve noticed any bald spots on your head, you should visit Advanced Hair Studio as soon as possible for a Hair Check. During this check, we will analyse the condition of your scalp and hair and come up with the best solution for your bald spots.

The solution will be dependent on the cause of your balding, and its progression. For example, if your balding is caused by a medical condition, we will refer you to one of our Advanced Hair Studio hair loss doctors.

This therapy is often combined with Advanced Laser Therapy. Our Laser Therapy combines powerful lasers, regrowth pharmaceuticals and our tested and proven follicle and scalp treatment program.

Other techniques we can turn to include:

  • Hairfusion: This completely natural form of hair transplantation works be replacing your hair the way it fell out – strand by strand. By replacing hair in this way, our treatment looks 100% natural from every angle as each strand is matched to the angle of the adjacent hair.
  • Advanced Hair Fibres Thickening Fibres: Our Thickening Fibres make use of natural keratin fibres to give you thicker-looking hair instantly. This is an excellent option for people suffering from light balding, and the strength of the keratin fibres mean they will stay in place.

Contact Advanced Hair Studio to Fix Your Bald Spot

Advanced Hair Studio has helped over 1 million people around the world to treat their balding and enjoy a full head of hair. Our proven procedures and hair loss experts will help you to look your best again and remove all the stress and worry that comes with developing bald spots on your head.

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