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Hair Thickening Treatment

We’re all scared of hair loss. It’s dramatic and noticeable. Hair loss can wreak havoc on anyone’s self-esteem; especially when considering most hair loss conditions’ dramatically fast onset.

It’s cruel, but in most instances, losing hair is a far quicker process than growing it. Having said that, there is another far more common occurrence than many of the most widely known hair loss conditions: that’s the thinning of hair.

Effects of Hair Thinning

Hair thinning may not seem as concerning or even traumatic as hair loss. It’s not the total loss of hair, so why does it affect us so much?

It’s because in many instances, we don’t feel like we have control over the situation. Hair thinning is misunderstood, and commonly assumed to be an untreatable occurrence.

This has a few important repercussions on the psyches of those affected, which include:

Intense feelings of sadness, stress and other such negative emotions; in extreme instances this can trigger more serious mental health concerns
High levels of shame and even embarrassment to be seen in public, often hair thinning is only noticeable to the affected person, but it doesn’t feel that way to them
Can lead to paranoia regarding one’s hair, in assuming total hair loss to be an inevitability

All these factors combine to produce a flurry of negative emotions, which cloud a very simple truth: in many cases hair thinning is absolutely treatable. In fact, it’s reversible.

Types of Hair Thinning

Unfortunately, thinning hair is often one of the first signs of more dramatic hair loss. There are several distinct types of hair thinning, some of which do not necessarily lead to hair loss.

Hair thinning can occur as a result of hormonal imbalances; we’re never growing hair at the exact same rate – at many points in our lives we’re producing different levels of the growth hormone required for hair.

Women post-pregnancy for example, often experience concerning levels of hair thinning. But this is only because of the higher levels of growth hormone they had been used to during pregnancy.

As we age, our rate of hair growth naturally begins to slow. Hair thinning – in some form or another – is just a characteristic of aging.

Of course, when this becomes overly pronounced, or even accelerates at a dramatic pace; that’s when it becomes a cause for concern.

Hair Thickening

Hair thickening is achievable.

The main cosmetic characteristic of the appearance of a full-head of hair is keratin. Lower levels of keratin? Thinner looking hair.

At Advanced Hair Studio, our industry-leading keratin supplementing program is designed and tailor-made to your hair thickening needs.

With our Hair Thickening Fibres Treatment, we’ll introduce more keratin to your hair. This leads to instant results.

Gradually, we won’t just reverse the effects of your hair thinning – we’ll have your hair looking thicker than ever before.

Restore your confidence today:

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