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Hair Growth Tips

Hair Growth TipsHair loss used to be seen as one of those inevitable, unfortunate realities of life. It usually came with feelings of shame or embarrassment, and a sense of helplessness.

It’s not all bad news however. The science behind understanding hair loss and hair growth tips has advanced considerably from the days of gaudy and obvious hair transplants, and there are effective and established ways to stimulate hair to grow just like it used to.

With cutting edge medical insight and hair care routines, it’s now easier to regrow hair than ever before. Advanced Hair Studio can not only help with hair fall, but can help restore your hair growth to what it should be.

Diet and Nutrition

Before attempting anything else, try fixing your diet to make sure all the key vitamins and minerals are included.

Several B-Complex vitamins such as Biotin and Niacin are known to be crucial for ensuring optimal scalp health to let hair follicles work properly.

Biotin is found in liver, chicken, cauliflower, carrots, salmon, bananas, whole grains, eggs, dairy products and nuts. Biotin is known to help biological cells produce energy, and deficiencies have been linked to initial hair loss.

Niacin works to help promote blood flow around the scalp, keeping skin happy and healthy. You can find niacin in fish, meat, milk, green vegetables, eggs, and grains.

Medicinal Solutions

Specific medications are effective and clinically proven for stimulating the regrowth of hair.

For example, Minoxidil is a popular treatment worldwide for hair loss, and works by stimulating blood flow around the follicles to help transport vital nutrients and minerals to effected areas.

There’s also Finasteride, commonly known as Propecia. This works by stopping hormones from binding to and shrinking hair follicles, keeping hair growing for as long as it’s being taken.

However, all medications come with their own risks and side effects, and can be better used in combination with other methods. Advanced Hair Studio has never prescribed products such as Propecia or Finasteride because of the known side effects. Instead, we prescribe bespoke treatment programs that include Minoxidil and highly effective and safe vitamins.

Growth Cell Infused PRP for Hair Loss

Dormant hair follicles can be reactivated to resume growing hair by delivering proteins to the follicles. This also increases essential nutrients and kills bacteria. Using growth cell infused PRP for hair loss is a fairly new area of research, but Advanced Hair Studio stands proudly by their results.


Some hair loss is so advanced or connected that surgical techniques are needed. Luckily, Advanced Hair Studio has several technologies that can get your hair back exactly the way it was.

Our hair transplant techniques include:

  • Strand-by-Strand® HairGRAFT: This procedure has a 90% success rate. Our surgical hair transplant option matches each strand replacement to an existing strand. This revolutionary technique creates the most realistic hair transplant available.
  • Advanced Singular Hair Grafting®: Hair thinning and balding often begins at the hairline. Our combination of surgical and non-surgical techniques gives you a natural-looking hairline replacement almost immediately.
  • Advanced Hair Fibres: Thickening Fibres: With the power of keratin, you can achieve thicker hair instantly. The keratin bonds to your hair for a natural and robust hold, meaning you can go about your day without worrying about any thinning or balding spots.

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