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FUE Hair Transplants Before And After

Hair transplants do not always conjure up images of beautiful, natural looking hair. But thanks to innovations in hair loss treatments, hair transplants now offer results that are just as good as the original, look great from all angles, and are permanent.

One of the best solutions to the problems of traditional hair loss procedures is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) which has given clients almost complete control over the results of their transplants.

There is no shame anymore in seeking treatment for your hair loss condition; after all, it is well understood how psychologically debilitating hair loss can be for both men and women. FUE transplants can offer you the chance to rebuild your confidence, and take back control of your life.

Here is a brief overview of what you can expect from your FUE hair transplant.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

A FUE hair transplant is based on the principle that achieving the perfect head of hair depends on expertly restoring every strand to how it was originally. Follicles are expertly harvested and implanted to mimic the natural look, shape, texture and orientation of the previously healthy hairs – only in this way can you obtain the precise and accurate results you need to regain your confidence.

Compare a FUE procedure to a Follicular Unit Transplantation, whereby a strip of tissue containing the necessary hair follicles is taken from the scalp and then implanted. A Follicular Unit Transplantation can sometimes result in some undesirable scarring, even though it is quite similar to a FUE transplant. FUE transplants offer an edge in control and precision which is hard to replicate.

Anyone considering a transplant cannot go wrong with an FUE procedure – short recovery times, near-universal suitability and the ability to accurately restore hair means that it is popular with clients and surgeons alike.

Before And After

FUE transplants produce incredible results in some of the most common and debilitating forms of hair loss, for example, male pattern balding. Pattern balding is irreversible and will affect most men, at some time, during their life.

Pattern balding, as visible in the before photograph, causes hair to recede from the front and hair thinning to spread from the scalp outward. This condition can add unwanted years to your appearance and make it difficult to get the hairstyle you want. Hair follicles are few and far between, resulting in characteristic thinning.

FUE transplants allow surgeons to expertly craft the look of the hair by enabling the surgeon to select and transplant individual hairs to those locations where they are most needed. In these after shots, the gradual receding of the hairline is completely halted, with strong and thick hairs in its place.

FUE is used by Advanced Hair Studio in our industry-leading Strand-by-Strand HairGRAFT technique. This procedure boasts an astonishing success rate of over 90% in meeting client expectations, and will only get more successful as innovations in hair loss treatment continue.

These transplants are permanent and have stunningly lifelike and real results – and that is no accident. Transplants allow real, natural hairs to grow where they are needed most, and as a result can almost completely undo the effects of most types of advanced hair loss. These treatments can be paired with others (pharmaceutical or otherwise) to ensure maximum survival and growth of your newfound hair.

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It can be difficult to know what the best treatment options are. Our hair surgery can give you back the hair you want, so whether it is for your hairline or your scalp, take the plunge today and take control of your hair.

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