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Does Advanced Hair Studio Work?

A problem, such as hair loss, often brings powerful feelings of shame or inadequacy to the forefront. Any service that offers solutions to such a problem can and should be met with some healthy scepticism. After all, there are plenty of groups that would seek to take advantage of vulnerable men and women, dealing with a major appearance issue, by offering unproven cures and treatments.

Advanced Hair Studio is not only a leader amongst Australian clinics dealing with the treatment of hair loss, we also partner with some of the most renowned experts in the fields of hair loss science and therapy. We have a large list of happy clients who are willing to attest to the life-changing results they have achieved through the use of our services.

Client Testimony

Read below to hear exactly what clients are saying about Advanced Hair Studio’s services.

Mike, Canberra, Australia
‘‘Six years has passed and these days I am quite happy with how my hair looks. In fact, it is hard to believe, seeing me now, that I was ever close to going bald. Advanced Hair made that happen and I would recommend their program to anyone losing their hair.”

mike before  

M.A. Konig, Sydney, Australia
‘‘I am writing to commend you on the terrific program that I have been in now for the past five years. To be completely honest, since receiving your Hairfusion, my life has changed dramatically… The results in my life are truly remarkable, and I owe it in a large way to Advanced Hair Studio.

V.L., Melbourne, Australia
‘‘I’ve had a great deal of remarks, complimenting me on ‘how good I look.’ Thank you for making my dream come true.”

Maria, Parramatta, Australia
‘‘I have a great deal of respect for the staff and they should be commended for showing such respect and true honesty within your organisation. They have the unique ability to turn an extremely delicate situation into a pleasant experience and that alone speaks volumes.”

Shane Warne, Australian Cricketer
‘‘As soon as I started to lose hair I saw Advanced Hair Studio, and under therapy, my own hair is now growing again.’’

Shane Warne_before    Shane Warne_After

Why Advanced Hair Studio Works

Advanced Hair Studio has been a part of the hair loss industry, throughout the world, for over 40 years and has helped over 1 million people realise their hair regrowth goals.

Every step of the way, Advanced Hair Studio seeks to be honest and realistic with clients.

The treatment of hair loss is a medical science, and we strive to stay at the forefront. This all begins with our hair check, where our consultants provide an honest appraisal of the state of your hair and a diagnosis of what can be achieved.

We have partnered with some of the foremost experts in the fields of hair loss science and therapy, who will look after you until the completion of your treatment or surgery.

We have accrued a great reputation through our large list of happy clients, and the visibly stunning (and mostly undetectable) work that has been done by our clinicians. The fact that we regularly treat some of Australia’s most notable sporting figures and media personalities is a testament to this statement.

So, does Advanced Hair Studio actually work or help people with hair loss? The evidence points to yes.

Contact Advanced Hair Studio for Hair Loss Treatments

We know how to help you regrow more hair. We have done this all over the world, and our treatments have helped over 1 million people. All our procedures are designed by hair loss doctors and have been subjected to intensive scientific testing. We know they work and we know they can help you and your thinning hair.

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