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The Baldness Gene – Treatment To Reduce Hair Loss in Men & Women

baldness geneThe baldness gene is something surround by as much myth as fact. Baldness in men and women is strongly associated with genetics, so there is such a thing as a ‘baldness’ gene, but you do not get it from your mother.

The genes associated with baldness are polygenetic, which means they come from a variety of sources which could come from your mother or fathers side. While the primary baldness genes do come from the mother’s X chromosome, 81.5% of bald men do have bald fathers. This shows that baldness is a result of factors outside just a ‘baldness gene’ including stress, age, medical conditions, nutrition and hormone levels.

Is There a Cure for the Baldness Gene?

No, there is no cure for the gene, but there is a cure for both male and female baldness and hair loss. Advanced Hair Studio has been providing solutions to hair loss for over 40-years, our proven methods include:

  • Strand-by-Strand®: This method works by matching each strand of hair to your existing strands of hair to create an entirely natural hair restoration procedure. It looks natural from every angle because we replace it in the same way it falls out – strand by strand.
  • Advanced Hair Fibres: Thickening Fibres: We suggest this option for anyone dealing with the early stages of thinning that would like to add some volume to their hair instantly. All you have to do is brush the keratin fibres through your hair, and they will create a strong bond which will hold steady in any weather.
  • Advanced Singular Hair Grafting: The first stage of balding in men occurs around the temples and hairline. Our Hair Grafting process is designed to restore your hairline, without making it evident that you have undergone a procedure.
  • FlashPoints®: Hair extensions are another great way to instantly add volume to hair and disguise any thinning or balding. You’ll love our extensions which require no wax, glue or weaving. They are available in a range of lengths, textures and colours, so they’re perfect for anyone’s hair.

Advanced Hair Studio Has the Answer to The Baldness Gene

You can’t stop what your genetics have in store for you, but we can. While we can’t cure the gene that may be behind your baldness, we can reverse your hair loss or replace it. We offer a Hair Check, which allows us to find the reason behind your hair loss and create a treatment plan that is designed just for you.

We never sell false hope, so you’ll have an accurate idea of the results you can hope for.

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