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Shane Warne After Hair LossDo Hair Loss Remedies Really Work?

Ever since men and women started losing hair-or at least worrying about it-there have been people selling ‘miracle’ hair loss remedies. Unfortunately, many of these early remedies were completely ineffective and made people believe that nothing could be done about hair loss.

Even today, if you search the internet, you’ll see hundreds of natural and home remedies for re-growing your hair. The problem with these solutions is that for the most part, they are entirely useless.

Advanced Hair Studio Thinning Hair Remedies

Advanced Hair Studio offers hair loss solutions that work. Over 1 million men and women have been able to regrow their own hair thanks to our advice and patented procedures. The difference in our remedies for thinning hair is that we deliver a tailored solution to each patient.

There is no single hair loss remedy that works for all men and women. That’s why you need professional advice from Advanced Hair Studio. The first step in our hair loss solution is a Hair Check. This check allows us to diagnose your problem and then provide you with advice on the best procedure to help you regain a full head of hair.

The Problem with Natural and Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Hair loss is a medical condition; it requires a scientific response. Natural and home remedies are usually based on nothing more than anecdotal evidence, meaning they won’t work for the vast majority of people suffering from baldness or hair thinning.

We offer remedies for hair growth that are backed by science. Our Hairfusion procedure works by replacing your hair the way it fell out. Our Advanced Hair Fibres treatment uses natural keratin fibres to rebuild and strengthen your hair, and we combine these with scientific, medical and technological techniques, such as laser therapy to ensure you get the results you need.


What happens at the Hair Check?

One of our qualified consultants will conduct a thorough scalp and hair analysis to check on the progression of your thinning.

Are your treatments safe?

All our treatments are safe. The only difference is that our treatments actually work! All our treatments and techniques are approved by the FDA and the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

How successful are your treatments?

We don’t rely on anecdotal evidence. Our treatments have been developed after extensive clinical trials. Before we make our procedures public, we always subject them to external testing because we aren’t interested in anything that isn’t effective. All our treatments have impressive success rates.

Why treat hair loss?

Hair loss is a natural part of ageing, particularly for males with male pattern baldness, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to deal with. If going bald is affecting your love of life, then visit us and get it treated.


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Thinning hair can happen quickly. The sooner you come to see us, the more effective our treatments are likely to be. Thinning hair is natural; a lack of confidence is not. Restore your confidence today:

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